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Re: warning: menu-command-not-in-package

On Mon, Dec 13, 2004 at 10:05:28PM +0100, Sven Mueller wrote:
> >In any event, the program starts in a terminal environment, but ultimately
> >must be run in an x11 environment.
> What does it need the terminal for? I mean if it actually runs in its 
> own X11 window, what does it use the terminal for?
> Anyway:
> The menu entry with "needs=text" is, by the description you quoted, 
> exactly what you are looking for. The description explizitly talks about 
> the X server starting an X terminal emulator, so what do you worry about?

Do we have *anything* which uses menu entries and it is not
X-Window-Manager or desktop environment like KDE/GNOME?

I'm just curious ;)


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