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Re: warning: menu-command-not-in-package

On Mon 13 Dec 04, 10:05 PM, Sven Mueller <sm@ciphirelabs.com> said:
> Peter Jay Salzman wrote on 13/12/2004 21:49:
> >In any event, the program starts in a terminal environment, but ultimately
> >must be run in an x11 environment.
> What does it need the terminal for? I mean if it actually runs in its 
> own X11 window, what does it use the terminal for?
Sorry if this is quick, but I'm trying to prepare for a lecture on special
relativity that I'm about to give my college physics class in a couple of
hours.  I was lintianing when I should've been making my lesson plans  :)

Because, before it displays its own X11 window, you must input text commands
into a terminal.


The mathematics of physics has become ever more abstract, rather than more
complicated.  The mind of God appears to be abstract but not complicated.
He also appears to like group theory.  --  Tony Zee's "Fearful Symmetry"

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