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Re: RFS: kst: A KDE data analysis program

On Sun, 22, Aug, 2004 at 09:48:17AM -0600, Wesley J Landaker spoke thus..
> I'm willing to sponsor it once I can get it to build cleanly. That might 
> mean waiting a bit for some of the kde dependancies to trickle into 
> unstable, but if you drop me a reminder to try again, I'll give it 
> another look over and help you get it uploaded.


There is a KDE NMU in incoming at the moment which fixes the libopenexr
issue.  Could you offer me one piece of advice?  Should I make the
Build-Depends on kdelibs4 versioned (i.e. kdelibs4 (>> 3.3.0-1.1)) to
make sure buildds don't waste time trying to do it with 3.3.0-1?
According to my reading of policy 7.1, this is allowed [the parentheses
should contain a relation from the list below followed by a version
number, in the format described in Version, Section 5.6.11.].  I wasn't
sure whether I could include a debian revision in the versioned depends
but it looks like it to me (looking at 5.6.11).

Once I've done that and tested, I'll upload final versions of the


Mark Hymers, University of Newcastle Medical School
Intercalating Medical Student (MBBS / PhD)

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