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Re: debian-mentors@lists.debian.org

Hello GCS,

* GCS <gcs@lsc.hu> [2004-04-27 23:06]:
> > Will anyone around be available to meet at some Starbucks and sign my 
> > key?  I can put it on a floppy and I have a Debian laptop; never done 
> > this, so I don't know the process.
>  You don't need any floppy nor laptop (especially not, who would trust
> you that there's no hidden daemon recording every keystroke, possibly
> the password on the secret part of a key?).
>  Create a GPG key, you have already done this as I read. Upload the
> public part to any keyserver like pgp.mit.edu then search someone who
> volunteers to sign your key and plan a meeting.

there is a good description of how to sign keys in the keysigning howto
of the ldp.
regards nico
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