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Re: C library faster than octave

Lukas Geyer wrote:
>>22 seconds for Ocatve (i think euler method)
I'd think not.
>>8 seconds for my library's euler method
>>12 seconds for my library's runge kutta order 2
>>22 seconds for my library's runge kutta order 4

> probably both more advanced than even plain Runge-Kutta. You should
Well, ODEPACK certainly has an implicit scheme and, IIRC, it's
Adams-like but with all the extras (adaptivity, p-c scheme etc., I don't
think they do stiffness detection).
Usually IRK is too costly.

Haikim, I'm sorry to say that, but if your solver doesn't support
implicit schemes, don't bother. By the time you're up to par with
ODEPACK feature- and stabilitywise, you're probably not any faster...

> test both accuracy and speed. As a test case, I suggest you try the
> initial value problem
How about the Brusselator?

Kind regards

Thomas Viehmann, <http://thomas.viehmann.net/>

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