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Re: C library faster than octave

> Of course, octave does not use the plain Euler
> method. Nobody in their
> right mind would do that. The octave doc says the
> ODE solvers are
> "based on reliable ODE solvers written in Fortran",
> so they are
> probably both more advanced than even plain
> Runge-Kutta. You should
> test both accuracy and speed. As a test case, I
> suggest you try the
> initial value problem
> x' = 1+x^2, x(0)=0
> and solve for x(1), x(1.5), x(1.57). Of course the
> exact solution is
> x(t)=tan(t), thus the exact values would be 1.5574,
> 14.101 and
> 1255.8.
> Best regards,
> Lukas

Your absolutely right.

Octave has a much better technique than Euler even
better than Runge-Kutta order 4. I'll have to
implement something like the predictor-corrector
method or one hell of a high order taylor method.

Also i'll forget about solving odes of any form and
stick to the standard:

dx/dt = f(x,t)



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