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C library faster than octave


Its the 'C library for numerical analysis' guy again.

I've tested the differential equation solver for
Ocatve (lsode) vs my own with these results:

executing an ode solver 1000 times on my P4 1.8:

22 seconds for Ocatve (i think euler method)
8 seconds for my library's euler method
12 seconds for my library's runge kutta order 2
22 seconds for my library's runge kutta order 4

so my estimation is that my library is at least twice
as fast as octave which makes it at least as fast as
Matlab (which is also twice as fast as Octave). I'll
also tell the Octave team maybe they will want to link

about the packaging:
deb, rpm, key, signature?
I pretty much gave up.
I'll leave it up to someone else. If anyone's
interested my projects homepage is:

Sourceforge are taking their time activating my project.

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