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Re: Issues found with diogenes

> Upload it to my queue (as described at


> I'd say that if the problem can be detected at the time the config
> script runs

I've thought about it, and yes, it *can* be done though it requires
sucking a wwwconfig-common script into the config script, as we cannot
depend on wwwconfig-common being installed at the time it runs. I
don't think it's any big deal, the script we're talking about it about
3 lines long. The new behaviour would be:

- try to figure out the webgroup at the time the config script runs
- if we cannot determine it (for instance if apache is not installed
yet or if the user chose "Other" as the webserver), prompt the user
for the appropriate group
- in postinst we no longer have a problem, we are sure to have the

Would this be ok?


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