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Issues found with diogenes

I found the following problems on an initial investigation of the package:

* No WNPP bug filed.

* Communicates with the user via the console.  Consider using debconf notes
instead if it's vitally important.

* "If you chose one of the first three options" on a question that only has
two options in total...

* I never got asked the DB admin questions, so installation failed.

* The contents of /usr/share/doc/diogenes/scripts appears to be rather vital
to correct operation of the installation system, but the contents of
/usr/share/doc cannot be relied upon to exist.  You'll need to move your
installation scripts somewhere else (/usr/share/diogenes/scripts, possibly).

* The permissions setting script is a hack.  The gods gave us GRANT for a

* Automatic installation failed to properly install the apache config.

* Due to the problems getting the dbadmin info, no proper cleanup of the
database or apache config was done.  The .dpkg-dist files from ucf weren't
cleaned up on purge, either.

However, once I got it going, it appears to be quite tidy and usable.
Assuming you're intending to become a Debian Developer in the future, I'm
happy to sponsor uploads of this package (assuming the above problems get
fixed).  See the queue upload instructions at
http://people.debian.org/~mpalmer/sponsorship.html for info on how to get
packages to me the easy way.

- Matt

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