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Re: looking for sponsor - giac, computer algebra system

On Mon, Apr 12, 2004 at 08:56:41AM -0700, Matt Brubeck wrote:
> Carlos Enrique Carleos Artime wrote:
> > Bernard (upstream author) expressed his intention of including the
> > "debian" subdirectory in the upstream tree.  In fact, he maintains deb
> > packages of Giac for Quantian (a mathematical-oriented Knoppix
> > derivate) but didn't have the time for a careful observation of Debian
> > policies [I'm wondering wheter I have that time, myself].
> Some packages maintain a debian directory in the upstream CVS, but
> exclude it from source tarball releases.  That way, the official Debian
> maintainer can easily use a different debian directory for the packages
> uploaded to the archive.

But WHY ???

IMNSHO it is a waste of effort to maintain a second debian directory.

Co-operate with upstream for a good debian directory.

I assume that upstream doesn't ship the debian directory
because the feel not comfortable with their packaging.
Just help upstream, at least communicate with them.

Geert Stappers

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