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Re: RFS: New version of cvs-autoreleasedeb

>  - Why do you remove /var/log/cvs-autoreleasedeb.log at postrm, since
>    the log files are in /var/log/cvs-autoreleasedeb/ ? Also, I don't
>    think you should remove the log files anyway, even on a purge.

The log used to be in /var/cvs-autoreleasedeb.log a long time ago, I
missed this. I agree that the log shouldn't be removed. Fixed.

>  - It sounds dangerous to purge the user and group on a failed or
>    aborted upgrade.


>  - some dh_ scripts are called but not used (this is cosmetic)

I didn't review completely, but removed some I saw that I really didn't
use. I'll review better in the next releases.

>  - The dir contained in orig.tar.gz is postfixed with .orig. This is
>    not the good way (see warning when building the package).

Hmmmm... That's the way cvs-buildpackage does... I just use it. Maybe a
bug could be submitted against cvs-buildpackage.

The standards version was updated also.

The version 0.5-2 is available at:


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