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Re: Looking for sponsor for Gnosis-Utils, pure python package

On Mon, Feb 09, 2004 at 07:35:30PM +0100, Thomas Viehmann wrote:
>Magnus Therning wrote:
>> I have consulted the people on debian-legal, and it seems I have been
>> pointed to a reasonable solution[1]. The original author is also happy
>> with it.
>Yeah. Always good to talk to the original author. :)
>Onto technical issues:
>- Your packaging is probably. (Native package where it shouldn't.)
>  Also, stripped, but otherwise intact tar archives are preferred
>  as orig.tar.gz. (What is the arch stuff doing there?)

You are right it was. In a somewhat misguided attempt to do version
control I did this. I have reverted back to using the original
tar-ball (excluding the copyrighted articles).

>- The description looks funny. In particular, the second paragraph
>  should only be in README.Debian or somesuch. Other things might be
>  improved as well, but other people are bound to be more competent on
>  this. (But is the URL missing a "/"?)

The second paragraph is gone. And a '/' is added.

>- Documentation probably belongs in /usr/share/doc/$package, not
>  /usr/lib/pythonX.Y.

How do I get it there? Or rather, the documentation is installed in a
hierarchy, and there are references (e.g. doc/GETTING_HELP refers to
gnosis/xml/pickle/doc/HISTORY), how can I preserve the hierarchy, but
install it in /usr/share/doc/$package instead?

>- Don't know, do you follow the python policy (in package python)?

I have taken a look, and made some changes. I am not sure I am 100%
compliant. This made me change the name of the package to python-gnosis
rather than gnosis-utils.

As before it is all available at:



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