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Re: Looking for sponsor for Gnosis-Utils, pure python package

Magnus Therning wrote:
> Well, from my reading of the license, and my inspection of the source
> code, all but some articles are Public Domain. I am making sure this is
> correct. If this is so (all python source in PD), then it would be
> acceptable for Debian?
You probably should discuss this with debian-legal, including whether
the PD notice is acceptable as is. AFAICT people seem to be happier if a
thing says license even if the license itself is very liberal (with
common license wordings (MIT,GPL,etc.) preferred.
For the non-pd stuff: I'd think *everything* in the package has to be
free. (See recent threads about non-free in debian-devel for comparison
with packages that are deemed to be not free.


Thomas Viehmann, <http://beamnet.de/tv/>

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