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Re: Looking for sponsor for Gnosis-Utils, pure python package

Magnus Therning wrote:
> I have consulted the people on debian-legal, and it seems I have been
> pointed to a reasonable solution[1]. The original author is also happy
> with it.
Yeah. Always good to talk to the original author. :)
Onto technical issues:
- Your packaging is probably. (Native package where it shouldn't.)
  Also, stripped, but otherwise intact tar archives are preferred
  as orig.tar.gz. (What is the arch stuff doing there?)
- The description looks funny. In particular, the second paragraph
  should only be in README.Debian or somesuch. Other things might be
  improved as well, but other people are bound to be more competent on
  this. (But is the URL missing a "/"?)
- Documentation probably belongs in /usr/share/doc/$package, not
- Don't know, do you follow the python policy (in package python)?


Thomas Viehmann, <http://beamnet.de/tv/>

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