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Re: Is this sufficient for an application?

Hi Joe,

and thanks for your reply. Glad to hear that this could be possible! I'm
crossposting this reply to both lists. If someone gives me his OK to support
my application, I will start to enter my data on nm.debian.org ;-)

> There are many ways to contribute to Debian besides maintaining packages.
> In fact, the current NM process already has a number of alternative tracks
> for those who are not interested in packaging.
> AIUI, you follow the normal NM process, but when it comes time for the
> Tasks & Skills check, you will get something different than a packager
> will.  See <http://www.debian.org/devel/join/nm-step4> for more
> information on this.  Also, you can ask on the debian-newmaint list, as it
> is more appropriate for NM questions of this type [M-F-T set].

Looking forward of being a part of the community,

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