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Re: RFS gdal

Hi Jochen and Andreas,

first of all many thanks for your comments on my package. They were
very helpful. Then please excuse my delay in responding to you.  I
couldn't answer earlier because I wasn't at home this weekend.

On Sat, Oct 25, 2003 at 07:09:29PM +0200, Jochen Friedrich wrote:
> Hi Andreas,
> > Yes and know. ;-) Usually you use last upstream stable but it is
> > basically the maintainer's call.
> Yes sure :-)
> I was only thinking on my duties as sponsor to check the *-orig.tar.gz. I
> can't do this in this case as upstream only provides the daily cvs snaphot
> on her site and deletes the file again the next day. I know it's a bit
> pendantic, but Silke applied as Debian developer, so it's better to get
> the package right at the beginning before having to argue with the DAM
> later ;-)

I understand your problem with the original tarball. Even me, I
would prefer to use gdal 1.1.9 for packaging since it would make it
more clear where the tarball is coming from. Anyway I decided to use
a CVS-snapshot since gdal 1.1.9 has some problems with the soname
which make it incompatible with the debian policy. Though packaging
gdal 1.1.9 is still possible but becomes much more complicated.
Since Frank Warmerdam (the upstram maintainer of gdal) solved the
soname problem for the coming gdal 1.2.0 which will be released soon
I thought it would be more sensible to package 1.2.

So in my opinion there are three solutions:
* package gdal 1.1.9 
	(with the drawback that the soname problem has to be solved
	within the package)
* package gdal 1.2 from CVS-snapshot 
I	(drawback: checking the *-orig.tar.gz is not so easy for a
	sponsor, discussion with the DAM ... (see this thread))
* hurry Frank Warmerdam to release 1.2.0pre1: 
	(drawback: It would probably take some time and I really
	would like to see gdal in sarge) 

(Side note: Even if I have write access to the gdal-CVS I don't feel
authorized to release a new version of gdal since I contributed only
by minor changes to gdal)

What do you think?


Silke Reimer

Intevation GmbH                      http://intevation.de/
FreeGIS                                http://freegis.org/

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