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RFS: passepartout - GNOME Desktop Publishing Application


I'm looking for a sponsor for passepartout. You can download the source
package at


This package had an RFP (now ITP) "bug" (#214216). 

Description: GNOME Desktop Publishing Application
 Passepartout is an Open Source Desktop
 Publishing application for the GNOME Desktop Environment.  The
 goal of this project is to create a system capable of
 producing pre-press material of professional quality, but
 also to be a useful tool for any enthusiast with access to a
 printer.  The main focus is on making it easy for the user
 to create publications with a flexible layout, typical
 examples being magazines, brochures and leaflets.
 Homepage: http://www.stacken.kth.se/project/pptout/

License: BSD style

TIA gaudenz

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