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Re: RFS gdal

On Fri, Oct 24, 2003 at 09:48:11PM +0200, Jochen Friedrich wrote:
> - as it looks like you are both Upstream and Debian maintainer and
>   you already added the debian directory into Upstream CVS, it might
>   make sense to build a native package (i.e. no diff file, at all).

No, unless gdal is very, very, very small and Silke wants to make a
fresh _upstream_ release of gdal for a change in Debian's postinst.

Debian native or not usually should not be chosen on behalf of whether
upstream=debian-maintainer but on whether the package is Debian
specific (like dpkg or mime-support) or not.[1]

Making a package native has unwanted consequences:
* every upload requires uploading a new tar.gz to the Debian server by
  the maintainer and distributing it to all the mirrors, instead of
  just uploading a (small) diff.gz.

* Debian versioning and upstream versioning is usually completely
  unrelated. You don't want to make release, if the only change
  from is changed Build-Depends or the addition of a japanese
  debconf translation.

* something I forgot to mention. :-P
          cu andreas
[1] Compare e.g. to man-db, it is not packaged as native either.

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