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Re: RFS: pose - Palm OS Emulator (5th -and last- try)

On Sunday of July 27 2003 20:09, Juan Manuel García Molina wrote:

> Over a month ago, pose package was orphaned. I'd like to take care of it,
> so I placed an ITA on wnpp. I've been working for a while in this package,
> but I can't upload it because I'm not yet a Debian Developer. It's my 5th
> try to get an sponsor, so if this time noone wants to sponsor the package,
> I'll suppose it is not interesting enough to remain in Debian. So, my
> question is: would you like to upload pose into Debian repository? Thanks.

Excuse me for speaking up here, but I was watching Juan's tries for some time,
and noone gave him even "no". I am not trying to judge here, especially you
all doing your Debian work in own spare time, but doesn't this ring a bell
that there is something in the whole procedure that simply does not work?
I can fully understand that noone of DD subscribed here may be personally not
interested in non mainstream app like Pose, but since package needs a mentor
no matter how mainstream it is, there should be a better way than just "good
luck" to have one assigned. I have heard many users (not just newbies)
complaining about too many old packages in the official repository - such
situation won't clear this out.

www.apt-get.org counts over 15000 packages at the moment and Juan shall
register there too, to at least not waste all his efforts. But we can only
guess how many of packages out there has been not requested for mention
here due to  others' luckless attempts. Not to mention such situation is
not a good motivation to package other apps in a future.

 And he said: "God CTRL-S the Queen"...

 Marcin                          http://wfmh.org.pl/~carlos/

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