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Re: source package question

On Wed, Jun 18, 2003 at 06:15:33AM -0500, Ed Strauch wrote:
> When I create these files using dpkg-source -b <package> command, all works 
> fine. However I notice that when I untar the <package>.orig.tar.gz file, 
> files go into a directory named <package>.orig.
> Looking at existing source tar files, I notice that the unpacked directory 
> name is simply <package>. 
> It makes more sence to me that a file named libcdk_4.9.9.orig.tar.gz  would 
> unpack to directory libcdk_4.9.9.orig and not libcdk_4.9.9.

The directory name doesn't matter that much as things like dpkg-source
seem to handle most of these quite well.  The fact that the archive
extracts out to that directory means the orig.tar.gz is being created.

I generally never let that happen by always renaming the upstream tar
file to orig.tar.gz as my first step.  
eg, mv LPRng-3.4.20.tar.gz lprng_3.4.20.orig.tar.gz

  - Craig

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