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Re: source package question

csmall@enc.com.au (Craig Small) writes:


> The directory name doesn't matter that much as things like dpkg-source
> seem to handle most of these quite well.  The fact that the archive
> extracts out to that directory means the orig.tar.gz is being created.
> I generally never let that happen by always renaming the upstream tar
> file to orig.tar.gz as my first step.  
> eg, mv LPRng-3.4.20.tar.gz lprng_3.4.20.orig.tar.gz

... which works only for tar.gz. Is there any chance of having
[optional] bzip2 support added to dpkg-dev & friends support in the
future? The space savings are _considerable_ and bzip2 is not exactly
bleeding edge anymore.

I know that bzip2 is somewhat slower, but it still would save me time,
given that downloads would be faster. (I'm behind a 64K ISDN dialup).



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