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Sponsor for salonify image gallery software


I wrote salonify[1], an image gallery system that emphasizes
accessibility, standards compliance, and democratic captioning of images.
I'm interested in distributing it as a Debian package and hopefully
someday having it included in the Debian distribution.  

I realize there are a number of similar packages already in Debian[2],
but I believe salonify has unique features that would make it useful to a
number of people.  

I am looking for a sponsor, or, at the very least, someone who might be
willing to take a look at my package and give me some feedback.  It is a
fairly simple package, I think.  I based my packaging on jdresolve, since
it was also a two-file perl script package.  This is my first attempt at
creating a Debian package.  

salonify puts some files in /var/www; I am wondering if I have done this
right (technically and policy-wise).  

Any other comments would be quite welcome!  

Binary package: 


Soure package:


apt-get sources:

deb http://bostoncoop.net/adam/debian unstable main
deb-src http://bostoncoop.net/adam/debian unstable main

Example of salonify "in action":


--Adam Kessel
[1] http://bostoncoop.net/adam/salonify

Description: Easy, configurable, compliant, and accessible web-based image gallery system 

Salonify is a Perl script which displays images that you have organized
in a directory hierarchy. The Web user can choose to see photos as
thumbnails or in small, medium, or full-size format; rotate the images;
modify the captions; move from folder to folder or image to image easily;
and customize the layout.  The administrator can also take away any of
these abilities from the user if they want. By default, the captioning is
totally democratic (or wiki-like)--anyone visiting your site can change
the captions. You can also lock this down. Salonify generates nearly
w3c-compliant HTML (getting closer all the time) and renders quite well
in all tested browsers, including w3m-img, lynx, Mozilla, Opera,
Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc.. It uses JavaScript when available but
does not depend on it, and makes special allowances for bugs in certain

[2] e.g.,
bins - Generate static HTML photo albums using XML and EXIF tags.
gallery - a web-based photo album written in php
galrey - Command line image gallery generator. It also makes thumbnails.
igal - online image gallery generator
webmagick - create gallery thumbnails for website

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