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Re: Maintenance of phpgroupware

I did not get any mail from you, David, and there was no need to mail

On Tue, Jun 10, 2003 at 02:10:10PM +0200, David Weinehall wrote:
> > I would like to either NMU or, better yet, find some more people to
> > team up with for maintenance of phpgroupware.

I was also looking for people to team up to work on phpgroupware packages.

> > - Which is better?

Reply the RFA, or mail me privately.

> > - Would an alioth project be needed to/help attract collaborators? (If

I already created a project on alioth to host phpgroupware-packages:
phpgroupware-packages is a software i builded to checkout phpgroupware modules
and build the packages. I was going to remove the debian directories out of
the phpgroupware modules and put them in the phpgroupware-packages to
effectively split the debian stuff from the upstream.

> > yes, can I get a sponsor for that.)

You don't need to get any sponsor for that.

> > - Should I look for a team first or first prepare a release closing
> > some bugs, set up stuff, adopt things and then look?

Dr. Tilo Levante as already done some work on the, you may 
get his work at http://www.levante.de/phpgroupware/

> > Especially, I would hate for Anthony or his release deputies to remove
> > phpgw from the archives.
> When I come back from my mini-vacation this week, I'll have a look at
> just how broken phpgroupware is, and if it looks at least reasonably
> possible to fix, I could co-maintain this package with you if you want
> to, since we use it at work anyway...

If both of you really wishes to contribute, please, get the packages at
http://www.levante.de/phpgroupware/, test them and mail me.

I'll set up the alioth project to host my work and possibly to team up people.

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