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Re: Maintenance of phpgroupware

On Sun, Jun 08, 2003 at 09:37:06PM +0200, Thomas Viehmann wrote:
> Hi Luca, debian-mentors.
> I'd like to ask for advice on the following:
> Luca has RFA'd phpgroupware quite a while ago. It also has a number of
> bug reports of "elevated severities" (above normal), for most of which
> there seem to be patches.
> I would like to either NMU or, better yet, find some more people to
> team up with for maintenance of phpgroupware.
> - Which is better?
> - Would an alioth project be needed to/help attract collaborators? (If
> yes, can I get a sponsor for that.)
> - Should I look for a team first or first prepare a release closing
> some bugs, set up stuff, adopt things and then look?
> Rationale: I do care about phpgroupware, use it every day, do some
> digging into errors when I encounter bugs, but don't use php as my
> favorite web scripting language (though I get around rather well as
> long as I'm with an api reference).

Well, it's my favourite web scripting language, although I much prefer C
for real programming ;-)

> Especially, I would hate for Anthony or his release deputies to remove
> phpgw from the archives.

When I come back from my mini-vacation this week, I'll have a look at
just how broken phpgroupware is, and if it looks at least reasonably
possible to fix, I could co-maintain this package with you if you want
to, since we use it at work anyway...

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