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Looking for sponsor.

My name is Harold K. Brown (Hal).  I have about 20 years of programming experiance in C++ and C.  I also have a background in hardware design, asm, and networking.
I have been working on correcting kernal source code as a result of compiler changes and see that more work may be needed.  I know that this may not be "a debian project", but I believe I would like to hook up with someone in the debian team to start with whom already contribtes to the kernal efforts.
I have been a serious Linux user for about 6 years and use it at work and for pleasure.
However, to contibute in a serious manner I need a sponsor.
I am a quick study but do have a lot to learn.  I have read though most all of the Debain stuff and like the Debian concept.
I look forward to hearing from someone.

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