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Re: Maintenance of phpgroupware

Luca - De Whiskey's - De Vitis wrote:
> I did not get any mail from you, David, and there was no need to mail
> -mentors.
> Anyway...
Hi did that because I posted to debian-mentors in the first place, which in turn
I did to get some advice. Is there a problem with that?

> I was also looking for people to team up to work on phpgroupware packages.
Last time I looked at the serious and important bug reports you were calling
people stupid, leaving identical instances of the same bug closed and leaving
bugs tagged pending for 8 months. [0] It was pure "etiquette" that I cc'd you.

>>>- Which is better?
> Reply the RFA, or mail me privately.
I think my P.S. on #183896 was quite clear. However, I never got any sign you
even read it.

> Dr. Tilo Levante as already done some work on the, you may 
> get his work at http://www.levante.de/phpgroupware/
> If both of you really wishes to contribute, please, get the packages at
> http://www.levante.de/phpgroupware/, test them and mail me.

Quite frankly this "offer" is more than offensive.
Obviously these packages are not an attempt to fix any bugs but were only
slapped together yesterday doing "new upsteam version". If you're not interested
in working to fix phpgroupware's bugs you should let other people do it.
I do have the impression that the main purpose of these packages is not to
improve the packages but rather to "claim territory".
If the end result is that you ignore patches in alioth instead of ignoring them
in the BTS we can just save the trouble.



[0] http://bugs.debian.org/phpgroupware
    especially #164354.

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