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Re: How to be a great Debian Developer

> Unfortunately, it's hard to tell who is serious about Debian and who is, 
> for instance, likely to do work for a month, decide RedHat is what they
> want to run at home, and never be seen again.  
> A long NM process used to weed out people joining Debian on a whim
> (good), but it also weeded out good developers with a low tolerance for
> bureaucracy (very, very bad).  Now that it's relatively simple again, I
> thought I'd send a cautionary note to new maintainers, asking them to
> consider carefully why they're applying.

I sent a message to -devel on this subject some four weeks ago.  Please see:


The bottom line is that I'm most concerned with the unbounded wait times
(I suppose that puts me in your latter category).  I would not mind waiting
a few months if I knew that the process could not take any longer than, say,
6 months.  I'm not anxious to apply when there are people who have been
waiting for over a year with no indication of when they may be accepted or
rejected.  That's not just bureaucracy, it borders on cruelty.

The thread referenced above seems to have died and I haven't heard anything
on the subject in a couple of weeks, even though (it appears) most people
are sympathetic.  I'm sticking around for a little while, just in case, but
I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that I should let an existing DD
package my app and be done with it.  :-/

"... developing software for Microsoft [Windows] is like brushing the teeth
of a Great White Shark with a piece of raw steak."
        -- Robert G. Brown, LinuxToday

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