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Re: How to be a great Debian Developer

Chad Miller wrote:
> Sure, all of these may not seem as "sexy" as uploading
> a package you create, but it sure helps Debian more.

Well, I really do not care about sexyness of my work. I have just
participated in the development of the program (actually, it is
just a script for vim), which seems to be very interesting for
me (so I hoped it may be interesting for others as well). I have
created a Debian package for it and I thought, that it would be
nice if the package begun to be part of the official Debian
distribution so that other people won't have to reinvent the
wheel. I certainly do not have time to maintain more packages or
to do any other works just to allow it. If there is no other way,
I will maintain the package on my own website, but it seems silly
to me.

What's so wrong with maintaing just one package?


Matej Cepl,
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The politician attempts to remedy the evil by increasing the very
thing that caused the evil in the first place: legal plunder.
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