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RE: How to be a great Debian Developer

>                                            [...]   Don't expect anyone to
> debian just to do the odd jobs and wanting to be "a slave to Debian". And
> don't think that telling people "the contribution you want to offer is not
> needed, please do the stuff we don't like" is a successful way of getting
> anywhere.

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>I guess that depends on what I consider "success".
>I don't want to send away good developers, but in my estimation when
>four people join, the first is productive, the second is an obstacle, and
>the third and forth (who could have been productive) are stuck cleaning
>up after the second.
>I really want a way to avoid #2.  I fear there isn't one, though.
>						- chad

Hey I've offer to be a "slave" to Debian but no one seems to be taking me
seriously.  I'll write man pages, clean up code, test, whatever, I just need
some guidance in the right direction.  The way I look at it, the more
exposure I get, the more I learn.  The more I learn through doing the grunt
work then maybe I get better can move to more of a developer and then
someone else can pick up the grunt work.

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