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Re: Package Versioning question

On Mon, Jan 20, 2003 at 10:28:07PM -0500, Stephen Gran wrote:
> I have a question about how to proceed.  I am considering packaging a
> program, and it uses a nonstandard versioning scheme.  It ends up
> looking like <package>-DR7.10.  dh_make doesn't parse this - this in
> itself trivial to work around, but it made me stop and wonder if this
> is because the versioning scheme is something that shouldn't be used, or
> if it was because of a shortcoming in dh_make.  I tend to think the

dh_make doesn't parse it because it doesn't encourage things that
shouldn't be done.  I've gotten bugs about it before, they get closed
and I've never seen something yet that is either going to bite the
maintainer in future and/or is just plain silly.

  - Craig

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