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Re: RFS: autossh - Automatically restart SSH sessions and tunnels

Filippo Giunchedi <filippo@esaurito.net> writes:

> i see, next time i'll file also the ITP :)

But you should also file one now, even if you have already made the
package.  In the ITP, say how your package can be obtained.  The reasons
are that

- It prevents other people from packaging the same software, thus
waisting their time.  

- If your package is a long time getting into debian, people will at
least know where they can find the package.

Moreover, a package might never get into Debian due to eg. licensing
problems, and then, IMHO, it is even more important to have the ITP to
record what has been done and what the problems are.
                                                    Jens Peter Secher
_jpsecher get2net dk DD6A 05B0 174E BFB2 D4D9 B52E 0EE5 978A FE63 E8A1_

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