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RFS: autossh - Automatically restart SSH sessions and tunnels

i've just packaged a small but useful program, autossh. I didn't file an ITP
since packaging autossh took me only half an hour to complete.
Packages (both source and i386 binary) are available at

Name: autossh
URL: http://www.harding.motd.ca/autossh/
Version: 1.2c
Depends: libc6 (>= 2.3.1-1), ssh
Description: Automatically restart SSH sessions and tunnels
 autossh is a program to start a copy of ssh and monitor it, restarting it as
 necessary should it die or stop passing traffic. The idea is from rstunnel
 (Reliable SSH Tunnel), but implemented in C. Connection monitoring is done
 using a loop of port forwardings. Backs off on rate of connection attempts
 when experiencing rapid failures such as connection refused.

I'd like to see it in Debian because it's small and useful program (at least for

Filippo Giunchedi
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Date: Tuesday, 2002/10/22 - 08:09
dselect proves the existence of Satan. It's the worst part of Debian

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