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Re: ifeq( PACKAGE, "mypackage")

On Thu, 2002-12-19 at 11:11, Andrew Lau wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 19, 2002 at 10:50:18AM +0000, Mark Howard wrote:
> > so that only the parts required for the current package are built?
> > (and also so that they aren't build twice).
> Isn't upstream's Makefile doing its job properly in only building
> something that doesn't exist instead of rebuilding everything?

Not all packages use make:
I originally thought of this when I was constructing javadoc
documentation, in which case it doesn't check whether the files have
been updated. (but then I wrote a dh_javadoc script, including the
standard -p option so it isn't really an issue with this package any
more; dh_javadoc is in the gjdoc-native package currently in incoming).

There is also the issue of how long it takes to start make (or whatever)
and check if any files are updated. For example, the java-gnome package
(gtk/gnome bindings for java) has a very large number of source files
and uses ANT - this means that for each of the six binary packages, a
jre will be started to run ant and all the packages will be checked,
which can take a while. 

Obviously this isn't a major problem, but I was just interested to see
if it was possible. 
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