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Re: j2sdk build-depends cannot be satisfied?

On Fri, Nov 15, 2002 at 05:00:47PM -0600, Kenneth Pronovici wrote:
> > Last i knew, j2sdk1.3 is not part of debian, be it in main, contrib or
> > non-free, because it is not possible for us to distribute it because of
> > the licencing issues. 
> > 
> > Because of that, this particular dependency will never be really
> > satisfied, the auto builders will not be able to build the package
> I think I understand: a binary package of libnbio-java will only be
> available for the architecture(s) I provide (right now, i386) and users
> on other architectures will have to build the .deb themselves from the
> source package.  Is this correct? 

Erm, i think it is even worse, i think that the users would need to
install the j2sdk1.3 package or else it will be unusable. This also
means that your package will never enter testing, i think, or maybe
there is some kind of override for contrib/non-free packages. Also, the
j2sdk1.3 is available on other arches, ppc being one of thoses, so maybe
you or your sponsor could hand build them.

Mmm, another idea, java is supposed to be arch-independant bytecode, so
you should maybe build your package arch: all instead of arch: any.

> > That said, you could try using one of the free java suites, but maybe
> > nbio does not build with them. kaffe, jikes and gcj come to mind, but i
> > have no particular experience with any of them.
> Yes, unfortunately, I can't build nbio build with those suites, so I'm
> stuck with Blackdown for now.


> Thanks for the information...

No problem,


Sven Luther

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