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Re: j2sdk build-depends cannot be satisfied?

> Last i knew, j2sdk1.3 is not part of debian, be it in main, contrib or
> non-free, because it is not possible for us to distribute it because of
> the licencing issues. 
> Because of that, this particular dependency will never be really
> satisfied, the auto builders will not be able to build the package

I think I understand: a binary package of libnbio-java will only be
available for the architecture(s) I provide (right now, i386) and users
on other architectures will have to build the .deb themselves from the
source package.  Is this correct? 

> That said, you could try using one of the free java suites, but maybe
> nbio does not build with them. kaffe, jikes and gcj come to mind, but i
> have no particular experience with any of them.

Yes, unfortunately, I can't build nbio build with those suites, so I'm
stuck with Blackdown for now.

Thanks for the information...


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