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What to do with wrong files from upstreams

tisdagen den 12 november 2002 21.28 skrev Roger Leigh:

> It looks like all the files are pre-existing.  Try running dpkg-source
> -b from another directory or renaming the noteedit-2.0.16 directory?

... And then yet another question. When I get the following error message:

In file included from knat_toolbar.cpp:18:
knat.moc:17: #error "This file was generated using the moc from 3.0.5. It"
knat.moc:18: #error "cannot be used with the include files from this version 
of Qt."
knat.moc:19: #error "(The moc has changed too much.)"

Oobviously I need to rebuild the *.moc files that comes from upstreams that 
are not deleted by "make distclean". Sometimes that goes automatically by the 
Makefile if the moc file is removed.  How should I handle this gracefully? 
Delete the *.moc files from the *.orig.tar file, delete them in the 
debian/rules files, delete them in the "clean" rule or something else?

-- Karolina

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