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I made xpringies as debian package

Some time I was looking for an old program called xspringies as debian
I didn't find it, so I took the change to build my first package.

You can find the files here:

The Despcription (control-file !?) goes like this

Source: xspringies
Section: games
Priority: optional

Package: xspringies
Architecture: any
Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}


Amazing simulation of classical mass and spring systems
 XSpringies is a mass and spring simulation system.  It's intended use is
more like that of a game, than some design package.
 It's written using Xlib only.  No Motif or any other widgets sets are
used. The animation in XSpringies is done using an off-screen Pixmap.  The next
 frame is drawn on this pixmap, then is blitted onto the screen.  Since
the frame rate is about 30 frames per second, slower machines (or machines
which have poorly written bit-blitting code) will be deathly slow and blinky.
 But now, in the days of fast happy machines, you might find yourself
turning down the timestep some so you can see what's going on..

I hope people find this program fun !! Let me know what further I can do
about this.
I just wanted to have some more people to look at this - and maybe someone
might even want to take this package over.
(As far as I know it's not developed upstream anymore - and it's GPL)

Sebastian Haase

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