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buildpackage doesn't put compiled files into .deb

Hi there. I'm on the road to packaging a lot of stuff. Since I'm brand
new to being a maintiner, I'm too chicken to post an ITP. Right now,
I've almost packaged the bean scripting framework from ibm. However,
I'm running into a small problem.

I modified debian/rules to call ant with a target directory of
debian/tmp/usr/share/java and bsf.jar is correctly built there, but
sadly, the jar file is never packed into the .deb file. I checked the
file system, and found that dpkg-buildpackage created a debian/bsf
(the project name) directory which contains all the file that end up
in the final .deb file.

What's going on? The maint guide indicates that debian/tmp is supposed
to be the install directory, but now it looks like it should be
debian/<project-name>. Can anyone help?

for info about bsf:


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