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Re: dh_clean leaves some debhelper files around

>> It looks like I had some stale debhelper files from before I renamed a
>> package. Anyway, my package now uses DH_COMPAT=2 which is better according
>> to the manpage for debhelper. I wonder why dh_movefiles requires me to use a
>> --sourcedir=firstpackageinthecontrolfile though. It should be able to figure
>> that itsef when DH_COMPAT is 2.
> It always used debian/tmp -- this is by design.

That doesn't encourage people to use DH_COMPAT=2 for multipart packages. Or
they'd have to make sure their first package has a name that won't change
(e.g. not libwhateverXX!) or do something similar to what I use:

# This is the debhelper compatability version to use.
export DH_COMPAT=2
firstdir := $(shell sed -n 's/Package: \(.*\)/\1/p' debian/control | \
    head -1)

dh_movefiles --sourcedir=$(firstdir) -pxxx ....

Maybe as a wish list item for a later release of debhelper? I am not sure
what the design buys a package using DH_COMPAT=2 since nothing goes into


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