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Re: Installing files in /etc

On Sun, Oct 22, 2000 at 02:46:18PM +1100, Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> > > debian/rules:
> > > make install DESTDIR=`pwd`/debian/tmp
> > 
> > BTW s/`pwd`/$(CURDIR)/
> Why not just
> make install DESTDIR=debian/tmp
> ? I've never understood why an absolute path is needed for that command.

It's safer, because the makefiles in the subdirectories (if any) may not
install in the right directory. E.g. if you have src/Makefile using
$(DESTDIR) it will place its files in src/debian/tmp instead of
../debian/tmp .

Maybe this isn't an issue with new autoconf stuff, but I wouldn't bet on

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