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Re: Two questions about policy

> > > 1. I see no mention on rpath in the policy manual (grepping through
all the
> > > .html files) yet lintian issues a warning about it. I'm asking because
> > > packaging something that uses rpath heavily.
> > rpath hardcodes an item's location.  If this item later moves,
everything using
> > it gets confused.  rpath is generally frowned upon.
> rpath adds additional path elements to the search list. Libraries are
> still found in the standard directories.

The issue with rpath came up during the migration from libc5 to libc6.
Since the X librarys (primarily) had to be relinked, the old libc5-based
ones were moved.  However, since many X programs were linked with -rpath,
they still looked FIRST in the old location, where the new libc6-based
librarys were.  This caused many things to break nastily.

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