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Re: Bug#67896: Support patch for dh_builddeps


On Mon, 31.07.00 11:22 +0200, Christian T. Steigies wrote:
> See here for some of the source-dependencies the autobuilders use:
>  http://buildd.debian.org/andrea/m68k/source-dependencies-unstable.gz
> I did not follow the discussion completely, but I think its rather
> pointless, since its all already there in sbuild and the build-daemons.
Well, after looking at Andrea's list the only thing that starts to get
pointless is the sentence starting with "Source packages must specify which 
binary packages they require to be installed or not to be installed in order 
to build correctly." in the Policy 2.4.2.

Before forcing the maintainers to make themselfes the work to figure these
dependencies out we should tell them that such a list already exists!
(And don't tell me that they should have known it from various discussions
under strange topics in some lists!)

Maybe Roman should "generalize" his work an file more bug reports until 
this list is purely generated from the control's files lines.

> Christian


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