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Re: Bug#67896: Support patch for dh_builddeps

Previously Christian Hammers wrote:
> > 1. strace can't handle more then 256 subprocesses, a limit you can (and
> > will) reach when building packages.
> really? I'll check it.

Trust me, I'm upstream maintainer for strace so I'm reasonably aware
of its features :)

> > 2. strace'ing an application can influence it: timings can change,
> > things can fail subtle due to bugs in the kernel or strace, etc.
> What subtle timings can change the *build* process of a package? 

Slight bugs in programs used in the build process; I've seen it happen.
I also have a report of a program hanging if you strace it. Funnily
enough that was noticed when somebody straced a package build. Could
be an strace bug, program bug or kernel bug, but definitely very hard
to track down.

> > 3. current strace doesn't support following vfork and clone (except on
> > ia64), so you can still have incomplete build dependencies.
> That's what the vfork wrapper is good for - fork and vfork are the same
> on Linux x86 (I can't prove it, see mailing list dpkg-mentors).

That's not true anymore, and hasn't been for some time. Look at
arch/i386/kernel/process.c and kernel/fork.c .

> And remember that this is only a "suggestive" tool like dpkg-shlibdeps,
> if your package is so strange that it really does not work you can omit it
> and you can *always* add own dependencies - just like with dpkg-shlibdeps.

True, but I would rather not add an option what I know will break things.


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