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RE: Quiet upstreams

> Do maintainers generally pass on maintaining things when upstream
> is shown to be inactive or unresponsive?

depends on the app.  I have passed a package to other people when the upstream
and I could not work together.  Other times people just fork the app.

Sometimes, if you can join the community involved with the app and understand
what is going on things become easier.  patches sent to mailing lists are often
taken.  I have found that some upstreams think my patches are for screw ups in
debian and taking the patch is unimportant.  A few mails to a mailing list and
it seems everyone else had patched it and just not said anything.

Point is, persistance pays off.  Someone may not trust you right away.  Some
people like patches created by diff -c, other by diff -u.  Learn what the
upstream wants and be as giving as possible.  Follow their code conventions. 
Patches with variable and function names way different from upstream style is
just asking for trouble.

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