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Re: Quiet upstreams

Sean 'Shaleh' Perry wrote:
>> Do maintainers generally pass on maintaining things when upstream
>> is shown to be inactive or unresponsive?
> depends on the app.  I have passed a package to other people
> when the upstream and I could not work together.  Other times
> people just fork the app.
> Sometimes, if you can join the community involved with the app
> and understand what is going on things become easier. patches
> sent to mailing lists are often taken.  I have found that some
> upstreams think my patches are for screw ups in debian and
> taking the patch is unimportant.  A few mails to a mailing list
> and it seems everyone else had patched it and just not said
> anything.

OK.  I'm more familiar with projects that aren't that popular.  A
common complaint is the lack of feedback and Debian can provide
thousands of (generally) clueful people to bang on a program and
provide decent bug reports; patches even, as you mention.  I
don't think some authors are aware of this and I guess there is
no reason they would be without being told.

Maybe I'll put something together for a first-contact thing when
asking about packaging.  Mention
http://bugs.debian.org/yourpackage for bug checking and
http://packages.debian.org/yourpackage to show how Debian lays out
the display.


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