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Re: Adopting a package

On Fri, 4 Dec 1998, Mark Brown wrote:

> I've got a feeling I'm missing something really obvious here.  I'd like
> to adopt the orphaned mpich package, so I mailed the wnpp.  I first
> mailed them a bit over a week ago, but I was a bit confused (I hadn't
> properly read the documentation at the top of the page) so I sent
> another message earlier this week.  The list appears to have been
> updated in the interim, so it seems that someone is looking at the
> mailbox.
> I haven't heard anything at all back, so I'm wondering if I've been
> going about this in completely the wrong way or if I just ought to be
> more patient?

I am new here so hello to all first!

I had a similar experience:

Last week I sent a message to wnpp that I want to become a
debian-developer and maintain a new package of the harddisk-recording
program slab! But no answer so far... Should I resent the post or wait
another week?

btw: I am going to be a developer soon, and any help is welcome. :-)
     At the moment I am on the path to an debian-official that means 
     I will meet somebody to confirm my existance and the validity of 
     my pgp-key which I generated a few hours ago....


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