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Re: Adopting a package

*-Mark Brown <broonie@tardis.ed.ac.uk>
| I've got a feeling I'm missing something really obvious here.  I'd like
| to adopt the orphaned mpich package, so I mailed the wnpp.  I first
| mailed them a bit over a week ago, but I was a bit confused (I hadn't
| properly read the documentation at the top of the page) so I sent
| another message earlier this week.  The list appears to have been
| updated in the interim, so it seems that someone is looking at the
| mailbox.
| I haven't heard anything at all back, so I'm wondering if I've been
| going about this in completely the wrong way or if I just ought to be
| more patient?

A better way may be to post your intent on -devel. wnpp doesn't really
"hand out" packages, he just tries to keep track of what's needed.

If noone objects you can mail wnpp and say that you have taken over
the package.

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