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Re: Faking the Root dir

Lars Steinke wrote:
The makefile is build with a perl script Makefile.PL but the src for the
wrapper is also configurated at this time, but harding replaces.. I
pretty sure..

Philip Thiem
> On Fri, 11 Sep 1998, Philip Thiem wrote:
> > Hey I would wondering if by change there is a program that can make
> > another program think that the root directory is another directory???  I
> > have a program, I'm packaging, that has some wrapper program, that are
> > compiled, but these get hardcoded value.  So I cann't tell it to install
> > to debian/tmp/..... I'm going through the script try to figure out a
> > solution, but a directory redirection ultility like I describe would be
> > a much quicker solution...... Another would
> > be editing the wrapper programs myself, and removing the configuration
> > code...
> I recently came up with a generic approach for solving the problem of
> configure only accepting prefixes which contain tcl/tk,kdelibs etc. but
> your problem is worse as it will most likely have to be solved by
> actually editing Makefiles (no big deal...) or even the source. Let me
> know if you find a more elegant way of solving this mess !!!
> Cheerio,
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