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Re: Why only one non-free section?

This has come up before.  It was decided then that non-free is there because
it is software that is NOT part of Debian.  Essentially, being placed in
non-free which is hard to package on CD-ROM is the price these packages pay
for being non-free.

We don't WANT to make it easy to use non-free software, which is why we
haven't split non-free.  We don't want to make it unreasonably hard either,
which is why we allow non-free and contrib sections to begin with.  We just
don't want non-free software associated with Debian.  If we split non-free
as you describe, we'd be essentially giving in to non-free software and it
would be on everyone's CDs.  Nobody would bother with "official" images
either, and that has already proven to be a mess.

If someone else thinks this explanation is not suitable, you're welcome to
toss in your 01 (two bits).

On Fri, Sep 11, 1998 at 03:59:40PM +0200, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
> It seems there are a lot of problems with the non-free section, for instance 
> CDROM vendors who do not bother to check every licence individually and who 
> exclude the whole non-free tree. Basically, it comes from the fact that 
> non-free gathers packages which have very different reasons to be non-free.
> One of the authors of a package I intent to manage said (the package can be 
> distributed and used without fee but cannot be resold so I'll have to upload 
> in non-free):
> >I suggest you change the "non-free" to be two sections, one being
> >"free-but-cannot-be-resold".  Otherwise you will have to put it in non-free.
> >If it was in "free-but-cannot-be-resold" then people would know that it
> >was as cost-free to them as in "free".  
> It seems that, for CDROM resellers or mirror sites, the most intelligent split of free would be instead between "non-free-but-can-be-put-on-CDROM" and "non-free-other"?
> I assume this discussion was already held, so if someone can explain.
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