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Re: Faking the Root dir

On Fri, 11 Sep 1998, Philip Thiem wrote:

> Hey I would wondering if by change there is a program that can make
> another program think that the root directory is another directory???  I
> have a program, I'm packaging, that has some wrapper program, that are
> compiled, but these get hardcoded value.  So I cann't tell it to install
> to debian/tmp/..... I'm going through the script try to figure out a
> solution, but a directory redirection ultility like I describe would be
> a much quicker solution...... Another would
> be editing the wrapper programs myself, and removing the configuration
> code...

I had a similar problem with smartlist, which I solved by modifying
the install program so that it would accept an additional argument
in which I could give it the debian/tmp directory.

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